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Established in November of 2021, toolgbrmaker is a blog focusing on the world of programming. Here you’ll find some of the solutions used for my daily challenges as a developer. If you like my content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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Quick Tip: Establishing PowerShell Remote Session – Docker Container

The title is quite self-explanatory, so, if you want to establish a remote session from PowerShell, running on your host, to the PowerShell, running on your container, just follow the next steps. As the first step, we’ll need to get the Container ID, the necessary parameter to use on the cmdlet Enter-PSSession to perform theContinue reading “Quick Tip: Establishing PowerShell Remote Session – Docker Container”

Quick Tip: Importing new license – Docker Container | Business Central

A few days ago, I’ve faced the following error when I attempted to open my Business Central instance from my Docker Container: Your program license has expired. Let’s see what steps I’ve adopted to import the license on my Docker Container. First, I’ve copied the license, that I want to import, from my host toContinue reading “Quick Tip: Importing new license – Docker Container | Business Central”


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